SFI's new board of directors to include six independent directors

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SFI's new board of directors to include six independent directors

Shareholders of SFI Investment Holding (SFI PJSC, MOEX: SFIN) elected a new board of directors at an extraordinary meeting on December 24, 2021. The new board will include nine people, six of whom are independent directors.

Oleg Vyugin was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors at a meeting of the Board of Directors held after the meeting.

The renewed board of directors will include:

  • Evgeniya Zavalishina, Independent Director;

  • Boris Kim, Independent Director;

  • Artem Konstandyan, Independent Director;

  • Maxim Lapin, Independent Director;

  • Janusz Lella, Independent Director;

  • Florian Jansen, Independent Director;

  • Oleg Vyugin, Non-Executive Director;

  • Said Gutseriev, Non-Executive Director;

  • Avet Mirakyan, CEO of SFI.

"Two-thirds of SFI's investment holding company directors are independent members. Their presence on the board speaks to the greater openness of the company and a more transparent decision-making process. The directors are experts in different areas of the economy, which will allow them to efficiently and competently develop the strategy of our diversified investment holding. We are confident that the implementation of the best practices in corporate governance will make our holding more attractive to investors," said Oleg Vyugin, the Chairman of the Board.

The Board of Directors also elected the Audit Committee (chaired by Maksim Lapin), Nomination and Compensation Committee (chaired by Janusz Lella), and Strategy Committee (chaired by Boris Kim).

You can read more about the members of the SFI Board of Directors on the holding company's website.