SFI (MOEX: SFIN) is a diversified public investment holding company.

Аsset portfolio is comprised of Russian companies with leading positions in their respective segments of the market. SFI incorporates leasing, insurance, pension assets and IT startups and invests in large minority stakes in industrial and retail companies.

The SFI holding company owns:

  • the Europlan leasing company;
  • a 49% stake in the VSK Insurance Company;
  • a 51% stake the GFN.RU cloud gaming service;
  • a 10.4% stake in the M.Video-Eldorado;
  • an 11.2% stake in the RussNeft oil company.
  • SFI’s shareholding structure is as follows: 55.96% is held by SFI and buyback operators; 30.37% is held by companies owned by the Russian businessman Sait Gutseriev; 2.96% is controlled by VSK. The remaining 10.71% of SFI’s shares are in free float.

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Company's mission

Our mission is to develop the country’s economy by investing in promising companies that already are or have the potential to become leaders in their respective markets. We believe that creating strong players in different sectors of the Russian economy by means of investment opportunities provided by SFI has a positive impact not only on the holding company’s shareholder value but also on the development of the markets of our subsidiaries in general.