Social responsibility

Social responsibility


SFI pursue socially important projects supporting culture, sports, healthcare, arts, education and spirituality via SAFMAR Charitable Foundation (SAMFAR CF, or the Foundation).

These projects mainly aim to support complex personal development of individuals, promote healthy lifestyles, and develop large-scale fitness and sports activities. All programmes of the Foundation meet the criteria of transparency, clear articulation of strategy, and consistency in implementation. In the course of its activities, the Fund leverages best Russian charitable practices.

The Foundation implements its programmes in accordance with the following principles:

  • Informational transparency
  • Financial transparency
  • Accountability
  • Targeted aid
  • Expert-based approach
  • Meaningful social impact

SAFMAR CF in 2021:

areas of charitable activities
dedicated charitable programmes
Russian regions covered
bn rub
of dedicated financing

Key regions of SAFMAR CF’s operations, 2021

  • Moscow and the Moscow Region
  • St Petersburg
  • Republic of Udmurtia
  • Orenburg
  • Saratov Region
  • Krasnoyarsk Territory
  • Krasnodar Territory
  • Amur Region
  • Yaroslavl Region
  • Republic of Chechnya
  • Republic of Ingushetia
  • Republic of Mordovia
  • Volgograd Region
  • Other russian regions

The Fund is supervised by the Foundation Council, the Board of Trustees and the Revision Commission. SAFMAR CF is part of Donors Forum, a non-profit grant-making partnership that unites the largest charitable foundations in Russia. The members of Donors Forum strive to bring about a professional charitable community in Russia and promote best charitable practices.