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M.Video-Eldorado Customers and the Foundation 'Beautiful Children in a Beautiful World' Supported 76 Children and 28 Eco-projects over 2023

M.Video-Eldorado Customers and the Foundation 'Beautiful Children in a Beautiful World' Supported 76 Children and 28 Eco-projects over 2023

M.Video-Eldorado Group, Russia's leading e-commerce and retailer of electronics and household appliances (MCX: MVID), along with the "Beautiful Children in a Beautiful World" charity foundation, reviewed the charity's activities in 2023. The foundation supported 28 environmental projects in Russian nature reserves and national parks and funded 102 treatment stages for 76 children suffering from maxillofacial pathologies. Almost half of the funds for these activities were donated by M.Video-Eldorado customers.

The charity foundation Beautiful Children in a Beautiful World, established by in 2013, offers support to families in need of help with the treatment, rehabilitation, and social adaptation of children with maxillofacial pathologies (MFP). Over ten years, the foundation has facilitated 1,443 stages of surgery and other treatments for 955 children with maxillofacial pathologies.

The foundation's second focus is aiding Russian nature reserves and national parks in implementing projects aimed at preserving natural and cultural heritage. In particular, it finances efforts to combat forest fires, restore populations of rare animals, and preserve biodiversity. The foundation has implemented about 100 environmental conservation projects so far. In 2023 alone, the foundation helped secure around 3350 square kilometers of protected steppes and forests (equivalent to 1.25 of Moscow's area) and dozens of thousands of resident plants and animals from fires.

The organization receives financial support from the company's employees through corporate charity initiatives. In 2023, they donated over 1 million rubles for the treatment of 8 children suffering from MFPs.

Kira Yankelevich, Director, charity foundation "Beautiful Children in a Beautiful World":

"We are deeply grateful to M.Video-Eldorado customers and colleagues for their longstanding support. Despite various challenges, we manage to increase our assistance by over 30% annually. Thanks to the joint contribution of all participants in our charity initiative, we, the foundation team, are quite sure that this year, we can also help hundreds of families finally see the smile on their children's faces. On the new year's eve, and Eldorado customers raised a record 27.6 million rubles for child aid in 2024 by adding over 299 thousand charity Christmas tree decorations to their purchases, enabling us in the coming year to continue funding over 100 stages of surgical and rehabilitation treatment for those little children under our care."

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