SFI consolidates Russia’s leading companies. Among the holding company’s assets are the Europlan leasing company (100%) and the GFN.RU cloud gaming service (51%). The holding company also owns 49% of the VSK insurance company, 11.1% of the RussNeft oil company, and 10.4% of the M.Video-Eldorado.

Our goal is to conduct our business efficiently by building a highly effective, diversified investment portfolio with a high potential for shareholder value growth. This is achieved, among other factors, through creating synergy between the companies within the holding company and building the trusting and reliable long-term relationships we maintain with our clients and partners.


Leader in the Russian car leasing market, one of the top 15 car leasing companies in Europe

Leasing portfolio:

144.6 billion rubles

Raiting ACRA A+

VSK Insurance Company

Ranks among the country’s top 10 insurers with the highest earnings in the main segments of the insurance market

Premiums written:

95.3 billion rubles

Raiting Expert RA ruAA

Raiting ACRA AA(RU)


Russia’s leading e-commerce and retail company


570,7 billion rubles (as of the end of 2021)

Raiting Expert RA ruA+


Russia’s sixth-largest oil company in terms of production volumes, with assets in key oil and gas regions

Oil reserves under the international classification:

210 million tons


Exclusive partner of NVIDIA for promoting GeForce Now in Russia and the CIS

Number of users:

1.4 mln