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Europlan has been Russia’s leading motor vehicle leasing company for a number of years; it provides legal entities and individuals with a full range of services for the leasing and subsequent use of cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, and specialized machinery. Europlan also provides services for auto insurance, registration of cars and other types of automotive vehicles with the State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate and the State Technical Oversight Authority respectively, vehicle maintenance, purchase and replacement of tires, and delivery of vehicles from any dealership to the client’s office, as well as a fuel program, roadside assistance program, car buyback, etc.

The company currently has 84 offices located around Russia. By 2021, Europlan completed over 477,000 leasing deals and gave more than 124,000 companies access to the resources of capital markets. Europlan is one of the top 15 car leasing companies in Europe (according to Leaseurope, a European federation representing national leasing company associations). Europlan is consistently recognized by the Russian and international business community as the best car leasing company.

“Year after year, Europlan confirms its position as the leader in the Russian car leasing market. The company procures vehicles for businesses, expands its branch network, introduces new products to the market, and offers preferential leasing programs. Europlan ended the crisis year of 2020 with record results.

In 2021, the company continues to expand its business. ACRA confirmed its credit rating for the company at A+ with a stable outlook. Since the beginning of 2021, we have issued three new series of bonds, which have seen consistent demand that exceeded the supply many times over. We continue to cooperate with leading Russian and international banks and fulfill all our obligations. Europlan’s stability is due to the expansion of our high-quality leasing portfolio and an individual approach to each deal. Our development strategy, which is based on offering the most favorable leasing terms and expanding useful additional automotive services, resonates with a large number of partners. We will continue our efficient work for the benefit of our existing and future clients!”

Europlan was named Best Leasing Company in Russia (International Finance Magazine Awards) in 2015, and in 2016, Best Russian Autoleasing Company (Acquisition International) and the 2016 Brand of Excellence winner in the Finance Leasing in Russia category (Finance Digest). In 2017, Europlan was named Leader of the Leasing Market in the SME Segment of 2016 (according to a study by Expert RA) and took first place in the Work with SMEs in Leasing category of the 7th Financial Sphere award for innovation and excellence in the financial industry. In 2019, Europlan won the Best in Russia—Company of the Year 2018 award in the Leasing Company category.

PJSC SFI owns 100% of the shares of Europlan.

Financial results for 2021

RUB 8.7 billion
Net profit
RUB 144.6 billion
Volume of the leasing portfolio
RUB 17.7 billion
Operating income
RUB 26.1 billion
Return on average equity (RoAE)
Return on average assets (RoAA)

Development strategy

Europlan’s strategy is aimed at retaining its leadership in Russia’s car leasing market, which requires the company to maintain high growth rates and further improve the efficiency of its operations and its financial stability. The company’s target segment focuses on leasing motor vehicles to small and medium-sized businesses. The company’s key objectives are:

  • further development of finance lease of motor vehicles and specialized machinery as the basis of the company’s product line;
  • expansion of the range of automotive services provided;
  • development of operating lease of passenger cars;
  • development of the subscription program for individuals;
  • development of business partnerships;
  • improvement of the quality of customer service;
  • personnel development (high-quality recruitment, training, incentives, and assessment) and increasing productivity through the automation of business processes;
  • development of the risk management system;
  • improvement of the accounting and reporting system;
  • diversification of funding sources.
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