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M.Video-Eldorado is Russia’s leading e-commerce company and retailer of electronics and home appliances. In 2021, the company’s GMV (gross merchandise value) exceeded 570 billion rubles. M.Video-Eldorado is one of the ten largest players in its segment globally in terms of sales volume. Online sales account for about 68% of M.Video-Eldorado’s GMV, making it one of the largest e-commerce players in Russia.

M.Video-Eldorado’s business is based on two leading retail brands, M.Video and Eldorado, both of which have 100% brand awareness among the Russian audience. The group has more than 1,250 stores in 371 cities throughout Russia, ranging from the Kaliningrad Region to the Kamchatka Peninsula. The strategy adopted by the two brands allows them to reach the widest possible audience, provide the necessary flexibility to adapt to changes in market trends, and ensure the effective development of their retail networks. Russia’s most popular ranking of employers, hh.ru, named the group as the best retail employer in the country.

The M.Video-Eldorado group of companies is the only Russian electronics retailer whose shares are traded on the stock market. The company’s shares are traded on Russia’s largest stock exchange, the Moscow Exchange (ticker symbol: MVID).

PJSC SFI owns 10,4% of the shares of M.Video-Eldorado.

Financial results of M.Video-Eldorado for 2021

RUB 570.7 billion
Total sales
RUB 386.9 billion
Total online sales
RUB 476.4 billion
RUB 17.4 billion
EBITDA (adj.)
EBITDA margin (adj.)
RUB 8.7 billion
Net profit

Development strategy

The main strategic goal of M.Video-Eldorado is to double its business volume and achieve a GMV of 1 trillion rubles by 2025 while maintaining high operating margins and a comfortable debt load. As part of its strategy, the Group plans to increase the share of online sales to more than 85% of the total sales and significantly increase the number of registered customers and OneRetail clients. At the same time, under the new dividend policy, the Group intends to pay out no less than 100% of its net profit under IFRS 17 in dividends.

As part of its strategy, M.Video-Eldorado intends to work towards three key superobjectives, providing the best customer experience at each stage of the product selection and purchase process:

  • covering all customer needs for consumer electronics by offering the widest range of products in the market and increasing the share of innovative and premium products in the range;
  • moving all sales to the mobile platform: developing the mobile platform to provide the best customer experience so customers can access all products and services via their smartphones;
  • ensuring the maximum number of orders for delivery and pickup in 15 minutes after checkout by introducing further improvements to the infrastructure and logistics platform.

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