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About company

RussNeft is in the top 10 companies by volume oil production in the country. Founded in 2002, it is the only major oil company in Russia that was established as a result of market assets consolidation and not through privatization. In November 2016, its ordinary shares were publicly offered on the Moscow Stock Exchange.
RussNeft's business model focuses on the upstream segment: the company prioritizes exploration, production, and sales of hydrocarbons. The company invests in projects with the highest invested capital return and reduces costs by switching to advanced technology and sound engineering and economic solutions.
RussNeft has a balanced portfolio of assets in the key oil and gas regions: the Volga Region, Central and Western Siberia. The company participates in oil development and production projects in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Key indicators

RussNeft's portfolio of assets includes mature fields and assets at an early stage of development with considerable potential for production growth.


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