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VSK Insurance Company
VSK has been operating since 1992 and falls under the category of composite insurance companies. VSK offers a full range of services to persons and entities in Russia. The company consistently makes the top 10 insurers in the country by income in the main segments of the insurance market: car insurance, sickness and accident insurance, and voluntary health insurance.

At present, more than 33 million people and 500,000 organizations have chosen VSK as their insurance provider. The company has over 500 regional offices across the country, which means it can provide insurance contract services efficiently in every federal subject of Russia. Today, VSK unites SAO VSK, VSK-Linia Zhizni LLC, SK INTERI LLC, and VSK-Miloserdie LLC.

The company’s credibility and financial viability are certified by the top Russian rating agencies. VSK scored at the ruAA level according to Expert RA and at the AA(RU) level on the national ACRA scale. VSK Insurance Company became the first Russian insurer to receive the social responsibility rating. It scored at the A3.esg level (high) and also received the highest A.hr score on the employer attractiveness scale.

PJSC SFI holds 49% of SAO VSK shares and is part owner of VSK-Linia Zhizni LLC within the VSK Insurance Company.

Financial performance as of 2021 (IFRS report):

RUB 4.1 billion
Net profit
RUB 95.3 billion
Income (insurance fees)
RUB 54.5 billion
Insurance payments
RUB 37.5 billion
Share in the Russian insurance market (excluding life insurance companies)
RUB 105.04 billion
Insurance reserves

Development strategy

VSK’s comprehensive development strategy aims to achieve a number of goals:

  • • Becoming the conscious choice of company for clients.
    Offering the best products and services, both in terms of risk coverage and catering to clients’ day-to-day needs.
  • • Becoming the best insurance company for agents and partners.
    Assisting agents and partners in business development serves as the basis for VSK’s growth and business sustainability.
  • • Technology-driven growth and efficiency.
    VSK continuously searches for and integrates innovative technology into its day-to-day work. VSK digitizes its communications with partners and customers, as well as its internal processes.
  • • A professional and highly motivated team.
    The digital transformation of business models helps VSK find teamwork-based, innovative solutions for business development.
  • • Profitable growth.
    VSK increases its share of the insurance market while retaining profit margins, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing insurance coverage for clients and serving the interests of investors.
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