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M.Video-Eldorado sums up the accomplishments of its ecoprojects for 2022

M.Video-Eldorado sums up the accomplishments of its ecoprojects for 2022

Since launching its own circular economy program in 2019, the company has sent more than 8,000 tons of old appliances, batteries and product packaging to licensed facilities for recycling. By the end of 2022, M.Video and Eldorado customers brought twice as many small appliances to the chain's stores as they had a year earlier, and 1.5 times as often ordered the removal of obsolete or unwanted large appliances, both with delivery of new goods and without, all using the eco-taxi service. Last year, the devices removed most often were washing machines, refrigerators and smartphones.

The Group maintained the volume of equipment collected under M.Video's Smart Recycling and Eldorado's Recycle Right recycling programs at the same level as the previous year. Since 2019, a program for the collection and recycling of obsolete or outdated equipment has been run by M.Video-Eldorado along with the Association SCO Electronics Recycling involving 9 licensed companies. In 2022, customers donated nearly 1,500 tons of unwanted household appliances and 60 tons of used batteries for environmentally friendly recycling, an 18% increase over 2021. Throughout the year, 12 thousand plastic bottles and aluminum cans were also collected in two pilot stores in Moscow with fandomats.

Customers can drop off small appliances and batteries for free in 30 cities and 770 M.Video and Eldorado stores. Removal of unusable large equipment is possible from any home with the delivery of new goods with the "Removal of equipment for ECO recycling" service. Compared to 2021, the purchases of this service have increased by 1.5 times. On average, nearly one in twenty deliveries of bulky equipment in 2022 were accompanied by the removal of old and unwanted equipment.

On the M.Video website, you can purchase the eco-taxi service for the removal of various types of old bulky equipment. It is not necessary to buy a new product. The service includes the rapid dispatch of a vehicle with professional movers the dismantling of the same old equipment.

The most-removed appliances last year were washing machines, refrigerators, cell phones, stoves, printers, televisions, including big-screens, and accessories like headphones and cables. In 2022, for example, customers were four times more likely than before to recycle televisions, synthesizers, ironing systems, cell phones, headphones, blenders, humidifiers and coffee makers, and six times more likely to recycle laptops and computer equipment. Owners of stylers and other hair styling appliances showed the greatest interest in recycling, with nearly nine times as many requests as in 2021.

Residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yaroslavl, and Samara donated the most equipment and obsolete batteries. Residents of Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Ulyanovsk and Tyumen displayed the greatest increase in eco-activity in relation to 2021.

As part of its sustainability strategy, M.Video-Eldorado has continued to pursue carbon neutrality by collecting and recycling the equipment and materials generated by the trade. The company transferred more than 4 thousand tons of packaging (cardboard, film, tape and pallets) for recycling to specialized companies, doubling the previous year's figure.

In 2022, more than 100,000 people participated in the group's environmental programs.

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