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VSK raised its sustainability rating to A2

VSK raised its sustainability rating to A2

The BusinessDrom analytical centre raised the sustainability rating of VSK Insurance House to A2.esg - a very high level.

This analysis shows that the company is actively implementing sustainability standards in its operations, paying special attention to the development of corporate social responsibility, improving its management system and interaction with customers and partners, and increasing information transparency.

In addition, the company pays special attention to protecting the lives and health of its employees, providing social guarantees, and implementing environmental protection procedures. Over the past few years, measures have been taken to reduce electricity consumption, such as improving power supply schemes, reconstructing and modernizing power installations, and introducing new technologies and equipment.

In order to promote a healthy lifestyle, the company holds team-building events for its entire branch network encompassing 78 regions. Also, employees of VSK Insurance House regularly take part in sports competitions. Entertainment and even sports, charity and developmental activities are held annually for employees' families.

VSK Insurance House pays special attention to the professional development of its employees, the implementation of social support programs for personnel,  and charitable activities. Training programs are available to employees of all levels, and the topics are varied, focusing not only professional but also personal qualities.

For 9 months of 2022, over 1.5 thousand people were employed by VSK Insurance House, 48% of them are under 30 years old and 7.2% - over 60 years old. The Board of Directors and the Management Board are formed on the basis of the experience and professional qualities of the applicants, without any discrimination based on gender, age or other forms of human identity. The gender composition of the Board of Directors and the Management Board is relatively balanced: the share of women is 23%. The company has a pension plan for its employees.

VSK Insurance House takes an active part in engaging with and supporting society, partly by carrying out charitable activities. This year, the company allocated funds to produce books for blind children, organized New Year's celebrations for the mentees of the "Arithmetic of Kindness" fund, and took part in other charitable events.
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